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Depecheuk -Happy birthday SOFAD :-)


David Gahan in many colours during Tour Of The Universe 2009/2010

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Happy Birthday Depeche Mode with your album ‘Songs Of Faith And Devotion’ released on 22|3|1993, 21 years ago!

'Songs of Faith and Devotion' reached number 1 in several countries, and became the first Depeche Mode album to top the charts in both the UK and the US. To support the album, Depeche Mode embarked on the 14 month long Devotional Tour (DVD filmed by Anton Corbijn), the largest tour the band had ever undertaken to that date.

Recording the album and the subsequent tour exacerbated growing tensions and difficulties within the band, prompting Alan Wilder (Recoil) to quit, making this album the final with him as a band member. The ordeal had exhausted their creative output following the enormous success they had enjoyed with Violator, leading to rumours and media speculation that the band would split. Depeche Mode subsequently recovered from the experience, and released Ultra in 1997.Dave Gahan downplayed his role on the album, stating the only thing he felt he contributed was what he considers his greatest vocal performance for Condemnation. Conversely, Wilder praised his role, stating that on previous releases, Gahan’s studio contributions is often only vocal performance and thus did not get in the way much and that he often offered a lot of positive encouragement despite his addiction, and that it was Wilder’s creative differences with Gore was the source of the real tension in the band.Flood (Mixing|Production) recalls Wilder and Gore having a very heated argument over the mix to Judas, and that there were constant disagreements throughout the recording process between the members of the band and Flood himself. Despite the feeling the band were realising one of their greatest works, Flood commented that the “little things” of the recording process never ran smoothly, leading to constant, largely non-constructive, arguing. Conditions improved between the band when the recording sessions moved to Hamburg largely in part as it was a return to normal studio routine, as opposed to living together.

Link Youtube Documentary SOFAD:

Depeche Mode: 1991-94 - We were going to live together…and it was going to be wonderful…(36 min.)

Martin Gore later commented: “I don’t think anyone was ever the same after that Devotional Tour”, highlighting the tense nature of the tour, and Q magazine would later refer to the Devotional Tour as “the most debauched rock tour ever”..Alan Wilder, who announced his departure from the band on his 36th birthday in 1995, highlighting a highly uneven workload distribution, lack of acknowledgement from his bandmates, creative differences within the band and overall lack of cohesion. Wilder’s departure and the internal strife within the band, specifically Gahan’s growing heroin addiction led many to speculate that the band was finished.

Now 21 years later the band is still alive, though Alan’s departure has still left a huge gap in the creative heart of Depeche Mode…

Chart Peakings; #1 in the UK, US, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany & Italy 

Dave Gahan interviewed for Electronic Beats.

"I’m very comfortable with the way my band has grown over the years, the work that we do.
In the music I think that we have a place, I think we have been influential over other artists and people, they like our music…
We couldn’t really want for anything more.
I don’t know how many more bands there will be that can sustain 30 years of a career, making music together. […]”


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